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3 Essential Technology Trends for 2020
April 12, 2020

3 Essential Technology Trends for 2020

Meetings and events were put on pause around the world earlier this year and unexpected technology trends have thus surfaced ever since. Here are 3 technology trends that are extremely vital for today’s context, and we have probably often spotted them around these days.

Trend 1: Deep Cleaning
There has been a constant rising demand for specialized disinfectant and decontamination deep cleaning. From hotel lobbies to retail shops, to business workplaces and homes. The deep cleaning process predominantly involve manual wet wiping, as the use of high-pressure cleaners or air pressure guns for instance, may potentially spread the virus.

The demand for cleaning has soared in response to the situation and sparked a recruitment drive for 1,000 new cleaners for Whizz Technologies, a leading platform in Australia to connect individuals looking for home cleaning services. Mark Bernbeg, co-founder of Whizz, stated, “We genuinely feel cleaning is the foundation on which the economy will be rebuilt on”.

To meet higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness, especially for high touch areas, it is essential to perform a cleaning and sanitizing regime that is more thorough than usual practices to keep everyone safe from potential risks.







Trend 2: Thermal Imaging Technology
An article by GlobeNewswire has stated that by 2027, the global thermal camera market size is projected to reach USD 3,642.8 million. It has become a standard practice for many areas to implement the thermal imaging technology to check in speedily the body temperature of individuals.

Thermal Imaging technology allows fast and quick detection of fever by comparing the difference of an individual’s body heat with the immediate surrounding, whilst still maintaining the required physical safety distance. Large corporations like Amazon has installed such technology across its warehouses around the world to screen its employees for symptoms.

Kashif Din, Managing Director of Technology Rental recently stated, “Thermal imaging technology is one of our most popular requests right now. The industry and attendees are benefitting from additional screening and the peace of mind that comes with technological vigilance.” Our thermal screening solutions provides an accuracy of 0.3+C with temperature and masks detection up to a 9 meters range.


Trend 3: Sanitizing Kiosks with Digital Signage

As businesses gradually resume operations, the demand for highly visible and extensive safety measures are also increasing. Technology Rental provides a new way to do business by introducing its Contactless Sanitizing Kiosks with Digital Signage. It is a sensor activated auto dispenser to prevent it from becoming a high touch area, while allowing businesses to communicate information effectively on its 21.5 inches display.

Senior program manager of Conference Management Services that handles scientific conferences said, “Even dispensers for soap and hand sanitizers need to be touchless to prevent the spreading of germs. Those things need to be automatic, not pump bottles.”

Get in touch with our customer support team to find out how we can help to provide the best technology solutions for necessary safety measures and business continuity.


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