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An ultimate guide to how do event WiFi can make Festivals and events Successful?
September 14, 2021

An ultimate guide to how do event WiFi can make Festivals and events Successful?

What are your plans if all of your event visitors connect to your event venue’s network simultaneously? Large crowds might result in patchy reception if they are not properly planned. All of the aspects that aid to the success of your event would be difficult to achieve. If your network is unprepared, you may receive no status updates, photos, or video streams, as well as no “free” social marketing of your event from your guests.


Event WiFi

It may appear that the demand for WiFi is dwindling now that 4G is nearly widespread in major cities and villages across the country. However, when it comes to arranging your next event, making sure that visitors, participants, or members have access to wireless internet might make all the difference in terms of what to accomplishe and how pleased people in attendance are.

When a big number of devices are connected, event WiFi is all about enhancing the network. If you’ve ever attempted to use the “free” public WiFi on the subway during peak traffic, you’ll know what it’s like to be on a crowded network; it’s excruciatingly sluggish during busy hours, but perfectly functional outside of peak times.

The event WiFi will function better in packed places such as huge stadiums and other public venues with large capacities. It has the potential to assist enhance performance for large-scale events with 70-80 thousand attendees.


4G vs. WiFi

Having to rely on 4G might be more trouble than it’s worth. In addition, too many individuals trying to access a single network from a single place may result in internet material loading significantly more slowly, if at all. As a side note, those checking their phones to go online will be considerably less inclined to spend their money with you if they are doing so.


The investment of giving free WiFi connectivity to the audience will be far cheaper than the expense of each individual exhausting their mobile data allotment. With just so much accessible 4G connection in any given region, and most people not wanting to burn up their monthly budget in a short period of time, WiFi provides more than simply flexibility. Indeed, many event planning professionals believe it should be as standard as providing free water or pencils at gatherings.


Why is Event WiFi is essential?

Have you ever gone to a big gathering and been unable to call or text, post, or access a website because you couldn’t obtain a good enough connection? When many phones compete for the attention of a network’s antennae, bad connections occur. Even though your phone’s bars are full, suggesting solid service, nothing is going through. In high-traffic locations, your phone may fail to associate with the 3G/4G/5G network, resulting in a false service bar display.

Suppose you’re organising a gathering of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. In that case, you can’t expect everyone (or anybody) to utilise their 4G cellphone signal – you’ll need a wireless internet subscription.


A wireless connection is require to connect any devices that require an internet connection. Your transaction processing equipment and surveillance cameras, for example, should not be on the same network as your guests’ Twitter accounts – one hacker may mess things up.

As a result, many event planners prefer to have separate connections for all or most of the following:

  • Guests
  • VIP Attendees
  • Streaming Video
  • Production Personnel
  • Machines for registering
  • Cameras on the network
  • Speakers on the Network
  • Machines for accepting payments
  • Members of the press and the media


There are a variety of reasons mentioned in this article, the success of your event is dependent on the stability of your internet access. Here are a few of the factors that will help your events and festivals turn into a huge success:



As the popularity of the festival WiFi and outdoor events grows, so does the demand for reliable outdoor WiFi networks compared to 4G. Event WiFi will increase outside connectivity for customers with better speeds and capacity, which is a massive benefit for festival organisers.

Mobile phones are increasingly being used at live music concerts to capture and post videos to social networking sites. Nothing irritates younger viewers more than trying to use 3G to access Facebook or Twitter, especially when it comes to video content. Getting a fast connection is especially difficult at festivals, which happens frequently in remote areas.


Live Feedback

With real-time feedback and customer service, you’re no longer alone. People may contact you at any time and from anywhere to offer feedback. People who attend your conference or event will hear about it from their friends. One can simply improve the quality of your service and the happiness of your visitors by reacting quickly and appropriately.

Truth be told: minor hiccups happen all the time, so why not know about them while you still have a chance to do something about them?


Greater Reach

It’s pretty likely that once they are linked, they’ll share their presence with the rest of the people in their network, especially if it involves a very enjoyable or educational event. This will have a significant beneficial impact on the reputation of your event.


Photographs and videos were taken by participants

A famous phrase in the industry goes, “an event never happened if there are no photos of it.” People who missed the event should be able to see what they missed. Typically, more than 80% of your guests carry a camera in their pockets.

You can simply tap into this massive potential and spectacularly record your conference or event by providing them with internet service.


After Event Participation 

Comparatively, people will have the utmost urge to interact via social media during the event itself. A hassle-free Internet connection will allow you to stay in touch with them after that.


Don’t Miss your Office

With the event, WiFi participants will have access to their office. Time is of the essence. People may appreciate the idea that time spent out of office will not always result in double time spent catching up after your conference or event.


Better Marketing/ Advertisement

Offering free internet connection during an event might potentially be a selling factor. When it comes to options about which events to attend, these insignificant advantages may make all the difference.