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Why Host a Virtual Event?
April 12, 2020

Why Host a Virtual Event?

Some may ask, why do others host virtual events? Have you conducted a meeting using a video conference tool, or attended a webinar online, or even participated in an online workout class? Chances are that many of us had and these are all instances of virtual events. Virtual event is basically a replication of a ‘physical’ venue-based event, but online. It allows you to be virtually present from the comfort of your home, or office by utilizing only a laptop or mobile and an internet connection. In-person events hold great value as it provides 1-to-1 physical interaction, but virtual events also come with its own set of pros.

Here are some reasons to host a virtual event!

1) Convenience & Accessibility
Virtual events enable you to accommodate attendees who are unable to attend the event in person. It allows great accessibility as you can virtually attend the event from anywhere, even if you are located at another end of the globe.

2) Wider Reach
With virtual events, it provides a greater reach and the opportunity to connect to a whole new group of audience.

3) Unexpected Situations
In current context, meetings and events are still put on hold for several countries while others are to follow a set of strict guidelines and measures. Transform your in-person event to a virtual one to avoid facing last-minute changes or cancellation.

4) Tangibility
In-person events provides fewer tangible ways to track and estimate certain statistics of the event. For instance, there are lesser tangible ways to track the number of people who saw a sponsor’s banner, or the number of conversations held at the booth. With the virtual format, it offers event planners more tangible ways to track, estimate, and record statistics. This provides them a more detailed statistics and information to help improve future events and make more informed decisions.

Start your virtual journey with us today. We can help fully customize solutions to fit your virtual event requirements.


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