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Event Registration Systems

Event registration

Event Registration System that fits your event


There are various event registration processes out there and it is important to choose one that fits the requirements of your event and the needs of your audience. The classic process is as simple as having paper lists to record and track details about attendees. Many organizations, big or small, have been moving into a more advanced event registration system that allows them to have more control over the process. This is beneficial in numerous ways, for instance, event planners no longer have to search for attendees’ names as they can simply scan and validate registrations or tickets at the door. They can also collate detailed information about the attendees, communicate with them before and after the event, or process payment via the event registration app. There are endless possibilities of what an advanced event registration system can do, and we are here to listen to your needs and customize one that is unique to your event.




We offer bespoke event registration processes because we understand that every event is different. Enhance your guest experience by personalizing a registration process that is specifically according to your needs. You can create multiple guest categories like VIP, Media, Vendor, Speaker or more, to help easier identify guests on the event day and create custom questions to collect important information like food allergies. Increase the rate of sign-ups with a tailor-made event registration system, because the first impression counts, and you want to make that impression last.


Ticket Types


Most often or not, there are multiple ticket types in an event, and they cater to different groups of attendees. For instance, event planners might implement an Early Bird Promo for those who sign-up fast for the event, or Last-Minute Deals to encourage a higher sign-ups rate. Some attendees may prefer to participate only a specific section of an event, while others may sign up for all three days of the event. Ticket pricings may vary and to help simplify this process, you can customize your event tickets with us according to the different categories and process all the payments even before the event.


Event Badges


Having personalized event badge printing is also a key aspect in an event registration process. Incorporate your branding into the design of your event badges to help increase brand identity and awareness. By utilizing customizable tools, you can achieve the look you are going for and also include details of the event such as the event name, date and timing, event venue, and also the main event highlights. We offer badge sourcing needs, whether it is badge stock or lanyard sourcing, we work very closely with our suppliers to provide the right material and preprinting services for your event.

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