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How to pick the Best Printer for Badge Printing & Registration?
June 21, 2022

How to pick the Best Printer for Badge Printing & Registration?

How to pick the Best Printer for Badge Printing & Registration?

Are you on the lookout for hiring the best printer for badge printing in 2022? Badge printing is in high demand as offices return to full capacity. Badge printers can connect to a variety of devices, making them ideal for last-minute updates.

On-site badge printers also help in your in-house printing. Your event becomes more advanced and professional. Find out how to pick the best printer for badge printing for your next event.

In this article, We’ve compiled a list of 5 best printers for badge printing on the market to accommodate a wide range of business sizes. Listing down the best badge printers, we looked at print speed, volume, price, and versatility of these printers.

Let’s find out the ideal badge printer for you.

What Kind of Badge Paper Should You Use?

Badges are available in a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and card. These badges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

The majority of issues related to paper type are actually because of printer or colour profile issues. The prints can sometimes be very dark, very bright, or even different shades of colour from what is on the screen. 

It’s possible that you’re using the correct paper and that the problem is a matter of setting the colour profile, which we’ll discuss later.

There is a printing solution for you whether you need badges for personal or professional reasons. You can choose from inkjet, laser, and thermal printers to create high-quality, long-lasting corporate IDs.

Because of industry-leading technology. The greatest third-party software and apps, and decades of printing expertise. Name badges can be printed quickly, cheaply, and to the best possible standards.

Which Type of Badges do You Want to Print?

When looking for the best printer for badge printing, first consider what type of badges you need to print. Here are a few types of badges. 

1 No-Frills Badges

A badge that identifies people by name, ID number, or department title. For the convenience of viewing, some of the simpler machines will print the identical information on both sides of a card. 

2 Bar Code Badges

The card is made of light cardboard or thick paper. The bar code can be on the front or back of a card, and visual information might be on the same or opposite side. 

Employee ID, access to certain parts of the workplace, and other essential information are all contained in the code. 

3 Magnetic Strip Badges

Smart cards are the other name for magnetic badges. For identification, it contains information such as a name and job title. A microchip embedded in a magnetic strip on the back of a card is also used by the printer to store invisible data. 

This information varies, but it usually includes a security code that grants access to specific work areas.

Best printers for badge printing

Choosing the best printer for badge printing may appear simple. But once you start looking at all the options, it may soon become daunting. 

  1. Evolis Zenius Classic Printer
  2. Elypso Card Printer
  3. Quantum Card Printer
  4. Badgy100 Card Printer
  5. Evolis Privelio XT

1 Evolis Zenius Classic Printer

best printer for badge printing, Evolis Zenius Classic Printer with specifications

The first one on the list of the best printer for badge printing is Evolis Zenius Classic Printer.

The Evolis Zenius Classic is a single-sided badge printer. It is a small, light printer that’s perfect for low-volume, on-demand printing. 

You’ll be producing your own personalized badges in minutes if you follow the instructions.

Printing Modes: Batch and Single Badge 

For worry-free and continuous printing, the Evolis Zenius Classic badge printer features a 50-badge capacity input hopper. With the single badge feeder on the front side of your printer, you may also create a badge on the fly.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

The Evolis Zenius Classic printer is as simple to set up and use as a standard office printer. It will notify you if the printer has an empty feeder or is nearing the end of the ribbon.

The Premium Suite includes the printer driver that communicates between your printer and PC also the Print Center for easy monitoring of printers and printing badges. 

On the front of the printer, the Zenius has an LED control panel that shows the printer’s general condition.

Design that is modern & compact

The design of Evolis Zenius is in a modern fire red colour scheme. It’s also a very quiet and tiny printer that can fit into any workplace, whether it’s a reception desk, a sales counter, or an office setting.

2 Elypso Card Printer

best printer for badge printing, Elypso Card Printer with specifications

The Elypso is a double-sided printer that can manufacture high-security quick badges. It includes magnetic stripe encoders making it perfect for creating badges.

Printing Modes: Batch and Single Badge

The Elypso Card Printer has a capacity of 5 000 and 30 000 badges. With the single badge feeder on the front side of your printer, you may also create a badge on the fly.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

User-friendliness  Because Elypso is so simple to use, you can start producing badges right away. It is not necessary to invest time and money in training. Elypso’s innovative front-loading design enables the insertion of cards simple in any location.

You will receive notifications and control the printer from your computer using the software. Evolis High Trust® printing ribbons are easy to instal and the printer recognises them.

Less waiting time Get a custom dual-sided colour card in under 30 seconds with Elypso! Save time and wow your clients with quick card delivery, which will improve the image of your company.

Design that is modern & compact

Eco-design Evolis is part of an eco-design system that aims to reduce a product’s environmental impact. It’s also built out of recycled materials. To reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and packaging. 

The company produces tiny and lightweight printers. And uses an extremely energy-efficient hibernation mode to cut power consumption.

3 Quantum Card Printer

best printer for badge printing, Quantum Card Printer with specifications

The Evolis Quantum 2 combines high-volume badge printing with a convenient desktop design.

Printing Modes: Batch and Single Badge

It encodes and personalises cards in colour or monochrome on both sides with excellent print quality. The Evolis Quantum produces more than 1,000 cards per hour. It has a feed tray and two stackers, each with a 500-card capacity.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

The printer is simple to operate and has a removable encoding module. That allows you to encode magnetic stripes, contact smart cards, and contactless cards all at once. 

The Evolis Quantum card printer encodes and prints in a single pass. Thanks to its reversible encoding module, which is separate from the print module.

Design that is modern & compact

Quantum is useful to make day-to-day operations and maintenance easier and faster. That allows it to handle enormous volumes of cards while maintaining excellent print quality. It is a cost-effective alternative to industrial card printers. 

You won’t have to worry about anything when you use the Quantum card printer. It comes with a warranty that covers 500,000 insertions within the first year and optional warranty extensions.

4 Badgy100 Card Printer

best printer for badge printing, Badgy100 Card Printer with specifications

Evolis introduces the Badgy100 solution to make printing professional-quality colour badges a breeze.

Printing Modes: Batch and Single Badge

This kit includes the EVOLIS BADGE STUDIO® software for making cards. It is compatible with both PC and Mac machines. It is capable of producing 80 to 90 badges each hour. 

Besides, the software is handy. Personalizing your badges takes only a few minutes. You can utilise one of the many internet templates to make the creation of your cards easier.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

The input and output trays each store 25 badges and the position is towards the front of the machine making it simple to load and issue badges. The ribbon cassette clicks into place on top, and the printer recognises it right away. 

The printer’s LED buttons display cleaning, ribbon, and badge alarms. With Badgy Premium Software, you can also check the progress of your prints right from your computer.

Design that is modern & Affordability 

High-quality resolution and near-to-edge printing provide your documents with a professional appearance. At the same time, you get an unrivalled level of affordability.

5 Evolis Privelio XT

best printer for badge printing, Evolis Privelio XT with specifications

The last one on the list of best printer for badge printing is Evolis’ Privelio XT. 

Evolis’ Privelio XT is capable of issuing embossed credit and debit cards in seconds. With its many card feeders, it’s possible to personalise a variety of preprinted graphics within a single system.

Printing Modes: Batch and Single Badge

Three 100-card feeders to help you keep track of your pre-printed or blank cards and meet the needs of your consumers.

Two printing modules allow you to personalise your cards in colour or monochrome on demand (black, green, red, blue, gold, silver).

One station for embossing characters on the front side and indenting characters on the rear side, such as a CCV code.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use.

The Evolis Privelio XT system is completely adjustable and easy to set up and use. Financial firms now have a solution that requires their employees to receive less training.

Design that is modern

Evolis solutions offers a high-resolution graphic finish in a few seconds. From complete colour badge printing to monochrome personalisation of pre-printed cards.

Find the best printer for badge printing at Technology Rental Australia

Hopefully, the information above has provided you with some understanding of How to Pick the best printer for badge printing & registration.  Why not continue your search at Technology rental Austalia where we have a variety of printers. We provide a large selection of Zebra Printers and Epson Printers that are suitable for businesses of all sizes.