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Reasons And Benefits to Renting Tablets For Your Next Business Meeting And Events
December 14, 2021

Reasons And Benefits to Renting Tablets For Your Next Business Meeting And Events

Businesses use tablets for various purposes, and many of us do not require them on a long-term basis. Some of us buy tablets because they are trendy or because we do not require all of the laptop’s features. On the other hand, Tablets have a wide range of productive applications and are ideal for students and business people who are constantly on the move.

One of the key features that contribute to the popularity of tablets is their portability. Tablets can be used in classrooms, tradeshows, business meetings, and anywhere else you can think of. We also use tablet computers to read eBooks or to improve your work by downloading apps that let you stay connected while on the go.

Even though tablets are more convenient and less expensive than laptops, they are not always inexpensive. Some of the more costly tablets cost over 600 dollars, which is a lot of money. In such cases, it is preferable to rent tablets. 

Reasons for Tablet Rental

Here are some compelling reasons why renting tablet technology for your next meeting makes sense:


The most recent Conference Agenda. As any seasoned meeting planner knows, things can and do change at the last minute. Meeting rooms are rearranged, speakers cancel, and the timing of the agenda changes as a result of the general session running late. If you give each attendee a tablet, they will have instant access to all updates.

Extensive Speaker Information. Tablets can include bios, photos, testimonials, and videos of the speaker so that attendees feel as if they know whom they’re sitting next to before the session begins. 

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities. Event organizers are frequently limited to a certain number of sponsors in a printed curriculum. Rent iPads and think outside the box for event sponsorship for each session, networking event, or even the iPad itself.

 Map of the Property and Exhibitor Floors You can use tablet technology to display a map of the meeting location, hotel, and trade show floor. There are even GPS apps available that will direct you to the exhibitor booth you are looking for.

 Interactive Concierge Services. Participants can learn more about restaurants and local attractions by using Internet applications such as CitySearch, Yelp, or TripAdvisor.

Many applications are simple to use and inexpensive. Meeting applications are becoming more user-friendly and cost-effective, particularly when compared to the cost of designing, laying out, printing, and assembling meeting materials. Don’t forget to factor in your time and the time of your staff when putting together printed materials. Meeting Apps, which has a list of over 1,000 applications, is a great place to start.

To create a green meeting, rent iPads. Tablets use far less paper and produce far less energy than a laptop. Most tablets have a battery life of up to 10 hours and are very light. Furthermore, you can eliminate entirely or significantly reduce.

Taking notes is simple. Attendees can take notes directly on the iPad and email them to their email account for later viewing or printing.

Benefits of Tablet Rental

 Put presentations in the hands of people with PDAs:

Traditionally, speakers used large screens and projectors to display facts and figures to bolster their point of view. The technique for strengthening one’s point of view remains the same, but the iPad has provided a better solution for bringing those facts closer to the listener. Using iPad & tablet rental devices, you can put presentations in all attendees’ hands, allowing them to collaborate and interact with them.

 Remove marker and whiteboard animations:

In addition to a laptop, iPad devices can assist in the removal of markers and whiteboard animations. You can easily create any chart, graphic, or handcrafted graphics with the help of a stylus using specific applications. The best way to share them with all attendees is to use an iPad application designed to share a single iPad screen to multiple screens.

Similarly, a large pool of applications can be used with tablet rental devices to email the meeting’s contents after it has concluded.


PDAs and handheld devices have greatly aided the corporate world in managing their various tasks. Tablet computers are expensive, but businesses can still use them on a rental basis. One World Rental is an IT rental company based in UK, US, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and UAE. We provide iPad/ tablet rental services at very reasonable and appealing rates.