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Satellite Internet Hire

Technology Rental is aware that certain events with satellite internet hire may be held at certain remote areas and such areas are inaccessible to high-speed internet from a DSL, fiber-optic internet service provider, or cable. This is why we rent satellite internet services to our clients who are looking for instant and reliable connectivity around sparsely populated areas. We provide full installation services of satellite internet across the Asia Pacific and beyond and have a team of satellite internet experts to ensure that installation is done correctly and professionally. Satellite Internet can reach just about anywhere, and the download speed ranges from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Satellite Internet hire

Stable and reliable satellite Internet hire


Choose to rent satellite internet solutions if you are hosting events located in remote areas and locations with limited or no Internet. It is a great solution when Internet is necessary for the event for instance, payment terminals for concerts or festivals. Having a stable and reliable connection will ensure a seamless flow for payment, providing attendees with a pleasant experience. Our rent satellite internet equipment includes satellite internet dish, satellite modem which is what brings the internet to your computer – it converts the satellites’ signal into one readable by your computer’s network adapter, and router which basically captures your modem’s internet signal and distributes via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi throughout your event location. We have clients who may ask, will this be a very complex and time-consuming process? Our experts are able to have the satellite internet equipment installed and removed within an hour, so that internet connection can be quickly accessible. Talk to us today if you are interested to rent satellite internet for global coverage, and we are able to have it deployed within 24 hours.

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Networking and WiFi Solutions


Other than renting satellite internet, we also provide other networking and Wi-Fi solutions such as access point Ruckus for indoor and outdoor solutions, MiFi router for compact and portable connectivity, Wi-Fi in A Box for an all-in-one plug and play for Wi-Fi setup, and more. View our complete list of options here, speak to our customer support team and we will walk you through the best-suited internet solution according to your event requirements.

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