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Event Badges

Event Badge Printing


Here at Technology Rental, we take care of all your event badge printing sourcing needs. From preprinting of branding to stock and lanyard sourcing, our team is able to customize a solution according to your requirements. We offer various kind of badges for different events for instance art-card badges, sticker name label badges and more.

event badge printing
events badges printing

Benefits of Event Badges


Some may ask, what is the purpose of such badges? Event name badges is a perfect icebreaker solution for all types of events, whether large or small, corporate, or informal as it includes the attendee’s name, job title and company name. Event name badges is also useful for distinguishing people from different categories of attendees such as VIP, vendor, Media, etc. We provide badge sourcing services along with our event registration solutions to deliver a complete comprehensive solution for our clients so that they can focus on other aspects of the event.

Over the years, we have met clients who require different materials and thickness for their badge sourcing needs, especially when they have a specific requirement. Such as, a company whose branding promotes reduced carbon footprint means that we have to source for materials that are generally more environmentally friendly. Many clients also look to customizing their event badges for brand identity and also to identify the event. This is why we work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that we offer the right material and preprinting services for your event.


More on Event Badges solutions


Other than badge sourcing services we offer registration and event badge printing solutions. Gone are the days where registration kiosks are filled with numerous sheets of paper while attendees scramble around to search for their names on these papers. These days you just require an iPad, a barcode scanner, a badge printer, and labels and you are on your way to provide a seamless experience for your attendees. Our solutions offer an effective and fast way to the registration process without it being a hassle. This is extremely necessary for large-scale events like international conferences and seminars. If you are willing to entrust us with your badge sourcing process, our team at Technology Rental who are equipped with years of experience guarantee that we will deliver a satisfactory and pleasant experience.

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