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iPad Kiosks Hire & iPad Floor Stand Hire

Rent iPad Stand & Heckler stand for your events!


iPad Kiosks hire, Heckler Stand and iPad floor Stand hire are great accessories for iPads when you are planning an event such as exhibitions, conferences, car shows, product launches, and more. When you secure an iPad with an iPad Kiosk stand, it creates a professional and sleek-looking kiosk for you to display informative details of your newly launched product, or for the check-in process at event registration booths.

Heckler Stand Hire
  • Robust; made of laser-cut steel.
  • Secure: fasten easily to tablets using a screwdriver.
  • On-site charging.
  • Customized display angles.
  • Branding available
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iPad Quad Stand
  • Space saving solutions
  • Professional look and feel
  • Available in black and white
  • Can be secured on walls
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iPad Wall Mounts
  • Easy to set-up
  • Can be secured to the wall
  • Options for landscape or portrait displays
  • Adjustable angles
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iPad Floor Stand
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Ideal for large conferences, product launches and exhibitions
  • Full installation and set-up available
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Shoulder Strap
  • Shoulder Strap enables better mobility
  • Great for outdoor events
  • Full installation and set-up available
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Black iPad Floor Stand Hire
  • Adjustable and easy to use.
  • Ideal for large conferences, product launches and exhibitions.
  • Full installation and set-up available.
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MoonBase iPad Desktop Stand
  • Display stand is either desktop or mountable, with a rotating screen.
  • Power cable can be threaded through the holder to provide a continuous power option.
  • Enclosure is lockable; 4 M6 screws are included for mounting.
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White iPad Floor Stand
  • Adjusts, easy to use and lightweight.
  • Ideal for large conferences, product launches and exhibitions.
  • Full installation and set-up available.
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Branded iPad Floor Stand
  • Customisable stand with branding capability.
  • Adjustable, and simple to use.
  • Great for conferences, exhibitions and product launches.
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iPad Kiosk Hire


At Technology Rental, we carry a wide variety of iPad Kiosk hire, iPad exhibition stand, and iPad floor Stand hire so that you can browse through and opt for one that is best suited for their application and event. We have clients who hire iPad floor stand to eliminate the need for registration tables that is extremely useful for event venues that are space-constrained. It also helps to encourage forming a single queue line when there are too many attendees wanting to register at the same time. We have numerous options for iPad desktop stand rental for instance Heckler Stand hire, MoonBase iPad desktop stand, Foldable iPad stand, etc. For clients who are looking to increase their brand awareness or simply create a personalized event, our branded iPad stand rental allows them to customize the stand to fit in with the event theme or their company branding. This is ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, event registrations, and more. To ensure that the iPads are secured throughout the event, we also offer Kensington Lock that allows you to securely attach the iPads to the stands. Reach out to us if you want to find out more about our iPad Kiosks and Stands, or the full range of our tablets hire and accessories.

Benefits of iPad Desktop Stand Rental


Some may ask, is there really a need for iPad desktop stand rental, or an iPad Kiosk stand & heckler stand for events? The event technology that one utilizes speaks volumes of an event. To create a successful digital experience for your attendees you will have to ensure that every aspect of the event is executed perfectly and seamlessly. When you have iPads scrambled across the registration booths while attendees struggle to pick one up in the midst of all the crowd and chaos, it creates an unpleasant and messy experience even from the beginning. We provide secure iPad stand rental for situations like these, to ensure that attendees will have a smooth and seamless check-in process to start the event right.

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