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WiFi In A Box Rental

Plug and play WiFi box


Our WiFi in a Box is a fast, simple, and fuss-free solution for clients who are looking at an all-in-one, plug and play WiFi set up. It is ideal for a wide range of events for various industries such as film and music festivals, food carnivals, international conference, seminars, and more. At Technology Rental, we are committed to provide the best-suited solution for our clients with the latest cutting-edge technology. Plug and play solutions have been increasingly sought after among the event industry these days because of how easy, fast, and convenient it is. Not only our wifi box is capable of providing stable and strong WiFi, it is also designed with a wheeled-pull handle for easy transportation.

Fast and Efficient Solution


If you are looking for a WiFi solution that is able to cater to a large audience, our WiFi in a Box can do just that. The wifi box provides WiFi to over a hundred users simultaneously and is scalable as required. We understand the hard work behind executing every event hence we make it as easy as possible for our clients. Simply plug in the regional plug point that will be provided to an outlet which has 110v or 229v, flip the switch, and the wifi box will only take 3 minutes to start! It is a fast and efficient solution and we are also able to provide 24/7 remote and onsite assistance if required. Our WiFi in a Box is compatible with both WiFi and WAN, VLAN priority and static public IP address capable, equipped with high-gain antennas providing strong and reliable 4G connectivity.


Seamless and Reliable Connection


It is no doubt that event planners value the importance of having a seamless connection to ensure a successful digital event experience. Depending on the event venue’s WiFi may jeopardize this as most often or not the WiFi is not strong enough and unreliable. Planning a large event with hundreds of attendees will high likely affect the event venue’s WiFi when everyone is connecting to it concurrently. This is why at Technology Rental; we help simplify this process by providing the perfect WiFi solution for our clients. Talk to us today if you are interested to find out more on our WiFi in a box.

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