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iMac Rental

iMac Hire in 21.5″ and 27″


The iMac is Apple’s version of an all-in-one computer solution, boasting many attractive features even with its slim form exterior. The iMac hire comes in two sizes, 21.5-inches with a 4K display while 27-inches with a 5K resolution display making both visually impressive. With such high-quality resolution, the iMac rental is highly sought after for its vivid and crisp images, making it ideal for photographers, video editors, game developers, and many more.

iMac 21.5” Rental, ideal for workshops and seminarsiMac 21.5” Rental

Ideal for workshops and seminars.

  • Brand: Apple
  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Screen size: 21.5”
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Core: Intel Core i5
  • Storage: Up to 500GB SSD
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Rent iMac Retina 5K 27”

Ideal for training and education

  • Brand: Apple
  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Screen size: 27”
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Core: Intel Core i5 / i7
  • Storage: Up to 512GB SSD
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Rent iMacs for Everything-In-One-Box Approach


The iMac requires only a single power cord, fewer connecting cables which means nothing to tuck under the desk, a keyboard, and a mouse which means you will have a less cluttered workstation. Even though it has lesser insight, it is well equipped which makes it comparable to desktops. Its sleek and minimalistic exterior provides a professional-looking appearance, beautifying your booths at exhibitions and conventions. Choose to rent iMacs for your next event if you are planning to organize a professional, sleek, and corporate event to elevate the experience for your guests.



A Range of Apple Products for Rental


We are committed to offering suitable equipment to fit your specific requirements. From the initial conception to the execution stage, our team is equipped with years of events industry experience to assist you along the way. Talk to us if you require pre-installation of apps, integration of software, branding, etc. and we will fully customize our services to cater to your needs. Rent iMacs and MacBook Pro from any part of the world and we will deploy our equipment within a short notice of 24 hours. We also make sure that the devices arrived fully charged so that they will be ready to use, providing a seamless rental experience with us. Rest assured that your equipment will arrive safe and timely as we have our own in-house drivers. Whether it is a small or large-scale event, held in Asia or in the Americas, as a well-established and global company, Technology Rental is confident to fulfill your every need.

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