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Barcode Scanner Rental

Barcode Scanner Rental to enable fast registration
Hire Barcode Scanner for badging solutions
Rent fast and reliable Barcode Scanner

Fast and Reliable Barcode Scanner Rental


Technology Rental offers a full range of hardware equipment required for your registration and badging solutions. This includes our barcode scanner rental with capabilities for high-speed scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes. Barcode scanners enable fast registration of complex data during conferences, meeting conventions, and others, simplifying the check-in and check-out process. We have wireless, Bluetooth, and USB options available for barcode scanner rental.


Linea Pro Scanner

When paired with an iPod Touch or an iPhone, it has the ability to scan QR codes and barcodes by pressing the buttons on the side. It also doubles up as a magnetic card reader to receive payments which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor festivals. At the same time, the scanner charges the iPod Touch or iPod when it is in use, enabling a longer battery life.


Zebra Barcode Scanners

Our Zebra Barcode Scanners rental is highly in demand for event registration and we have options for both Bluetooth and wired scanners. For organizers who are utilizing laptops for registration, our wired Zebra Barcode scanners will work best, while Bluetooth scanners work with Androids and iPads. Having the right hardware and software solutions will guarantee a smooth and fast registration process, eliminating the possibility of waiting in a long queue especially for a large event.

Here at Technology Rental, we ensure that you are equipped with all the devices required for an easy and fast onsite registration process. In addition, we also offer onsite event badging and lanyard solutions. Event badges are the most powerful tool to connect attendees, delegates, vendors, and others. It can be represented as an invite to the event, or it can include the program highlight and map, or simply as a form of icebreaker among others since your name and the company you work at can be found on it.

Our range of Zebra printers is capable of printing personalized badges, labels, receipts in just 10-14 seconds. We are also working closely with a few partner software companies to create a fully customizable event registration system. Want to find out more? Contact our Customer Support Team today.

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