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Extensive team of Event Staff

Technical Event Staffing

At Technology Rental, we adopt a strict hiring and training process to ensure that our team consists of experienced professionals and technical event staff to add value to your events. Our event technicians are backed with years of knowledge and skills to get the job done swiftly and smoothly so that you can have a peace of mind.

Our team of event technicians include Network and Lighting engineers, IT and Audiovisual Technicians who are highly trained professionals that can custom-configure hardware, install and set up equipment like networking solutions, and more. Hire event tech as needed according to your requirements in one place, whether you just need extra assistance or a complete range of event technicians.

IT Technicians
Our IT Technicians offer assistance in configuration and set up for your equipment to make this process less time consuming and more efficient. Clients often hire event tech to handle and troubleshoot technical issues or errors if any during the event.
AV Technicians
Our AV Technicians are fully trained and qualified to manage all types of events and projects. They can help plan, configure, and set up any audiovisual equipment such as projectors, sound system, led wall rental, speakers, cameras and more according to the capacity and infrastructure of the venue. We also provide structured cable installation and monitor live feeds where required. Our AV technicians help assure that all audio and visual effects are delivered seamlessly on your event to provide a pleasant digital experience for your attendees.
IT/AV Assistants
Likewise, with our IT and AV Technicians, the assistants work very closely with both IT and audiovisual equipment to provide support wherever needed. This includes the syncing of internet connections, monitoring of webinars, conducting sound checks, supporting of teleconferences and more. They ensure that all equipment is adjusted according to the specifications, eliminating any possibility of technical faults.
Network Engineers
We understand the importance of having a reliable and secured Internet connection for events in any industries. This is why our team of Network Engineers are here to assist in every aspect of configuration and installation of network solutions. Whenever back up and troubleshooting are needed, our engineers are also capable of repairing or replacing faulty connections onsite.
Lighting Engineers
Our Lighting Engineers help designs and implements lighting arrangement for a wide range of events. Having the right lighting will help to set the mood, style and ambiance of any events and is a crucial aspect of production. They operate and programs all stage lighting equipment and supervises the process during the event.

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

Quality Assurance

We place Health & Safety assurance as our top priority while offering a fast, reliable and quality service with international coverage and 24/7 global support.

Our dedicated, professional staff are here to help make your event as successful and memorable as possible.

Health & Safety
Our equipment is quality checked and undergoes maintenance and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) regularly to meet electrical safety standards. We ensure that all of our equipment is safe, and in perfect condition.
24/7 Global Support
During your entire rental duration, we provide 24/7 technical support to ensure that everything runs efficiently and smoothly. This includes remote or onsite technical support throughout the event.
Project Managers
Our project managers are specialists in managing and coordinating complex events to meet deadline and specific requirements. Specialized in logistics and trained accordingly, they execute every single event precisely without fail.
Graphic Designers
Require graphic designers for branding showcase and marketing collateral? Our graphic designers can produce layouts and designs to showcase them flawless at your event.
Video Producers
Videography and production through visual storytelling. We create content for digital signage and broadcasting at events, conferences and festivals. Professional filming and post production starts here.

Our dedicated, professional staff are here to help make your event as successful and memorable as possible

Event technicians with local knowledge and global experience

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