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Temporary Wifi

Are you looking for a temporary internet solution for your upcoming event or temporary office space? At Technology Rental, we provide a wide variety of options if you are interested to rent temporary WiFi suitable for different uses and application. If you are an event organizer yourself, you would want to be rest assured that the connectivity stays strong and stable throughout your event. Depending on the venue’s WiFi has its risks to factor in, firstly, the connection may be unreliable, secondly, the speed may be affected when too many devices are connected, lastly, the connection will most likely be unable to support heavy internet usage such as live streaming. Throughout the years of supporting events, we understand that having a reliable and powerful internet connection is essential for an event to be successful. Minor hiccups along the way may affect the momentum and flow of your event, causing disruptions along the way.

Rent MiFi Router

a compact solution


Rent temporary WiFi like our Mifi router for a compact and on the move solution. The Mifi router is able to fit nicely in your pocket making it convenient to carry it around. It is capable of connecting up to 7 devices to the internet simultaneously and only require one 4G data SIM card for these 7 devices. Our clients often rent temporary WiFi like our enterprise 4G router for their temporary office set ups so that they do not have to be tied down to signing a contract with their local telecom operator. It allows them to have instant internet connectivity and flexibility if they are looking to move into their new office in less than a month. We also provide an all-in-one plug and play WiFi set up for clients who are looking for a fuss-free solution yet catering to a large crowd. Our WiFi In A Box is ideal for events with higher traffic flow as one device is able to provide internet to over 100 users simultaneously. It is lightweight and equipped with a wheeled-pull handle, allowing easy transportation. It is so simple to install that you just have to plug it in, flip the switch and it starts in just 3 minutes!

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