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Event VOIP Services

Event Telecoms Solutions


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP is a method for turning analog phone signals into digital signals which can be sent over the Internet. Some may ask, why use VOIP? VOIP allows increased functionality as it enables incoming phone calls to be automatically routed to your VOIP phone wherever you plug it into the network. So long there is a stable Internet connection, users can easily work from anywhere when using a VOIP phone.

Desk Phones

We have a large range of desk phones, such as: Yealink, Grandstream and Fanvil. These phones offer dynamic business communications for executives and professionals.

  • Allows numerous SIP accounts.
  • Unparalleled audio clarity.
  • Gigabit Ethernet technology.
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iOS & Android Applications

With this app, calling from over 3G or from any WiFi hotspot is extremely reliable, as well as user-friendly.

  • Make and receive calls from your smartphone – at no cost.
  • Set your status to ‘available’, ‘away’ and ‘out of office’ from your smartphone.
  • See the status of your colleagues from anywhere.
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Web Tool

Take advantage of video conferencing as an online meeting tool.

  • Launch calls on your desk phone from your desktop.
  • Access to full range of Unified Communications features.
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Work seamlessly as if you were in the office and save on call costs.
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Event VOIP Technology


Event VOIP has become a necessity for corporate events to improve conference meetings and calls. With VOIP technology, it provides a simple and cost-effective way to connect callers on mobile devices from all over the world. At Technology Rental, we provide event telecoms solutions for various event types for instance, video conferences, international training sessions, temporary office setups and more. We offer desk phones that allows numerous Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts, iOS and Android applications to cater to different phone users and Web Tool so that users can work seamlessly as if they are in the office and have access to a complete range of Unified Communications features.


A Simpler Way for Communication


VOIP is becoming increasingly popular within businesses because it allows easier communication with both internal and external parties. For clients that are working at temporary office setups, VOIP is extremely convenient as it utilizes the Internet Connection. Users can do without all the complex landline cabling, simply connect to an Internet Connection, and employees can go ahead and make long-distance phone calls be it for meetings or reaching a colleague located in another part of the world. If you require temporary WiFi solutions, Technology Rental also offer solutions like 4G Enterprise routers that provides Internet up to 30 devices simultaneously. VOIP also enables versatility so that you are not bounded to your desk always. With the VOIP technology, users can access the system anywhere, anytime with their smartphones or laptop, using the iOS and Android applications.

Instant Number Provision and SIP Trunking Solutions from Anywhere In The World.

Local Number DIDs for a range of event types, including temporary and permanent office setups.

At Technology Rental, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of event industry accumulated throughout the years. We provide the latest event technology solutions to ensure a successful digital event experience for our clients. If you are looking to rent event VOIP and event telecoms, or others, speak to our customer support team to find out more.

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