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When you are planning for an event, you will want to grab your audience’s attention right from the start, even if they are at a distance away. Technology Rental offers a range of the latest audio-visual equipment available for rental, one of such includes our speaker hire. Having impressive sound quality is necessary for majority of events. Without good speakers, your presenter’s message will not be put across clearly, or accompaniment of background music will be disrupted that may cause unpleasant distraction for your audiences. We are here to offer the perfect solution that requires wide bandwidth and impressive high-resolution sound for events such as awards and opening ceremonies, charity auction, VIP speeches, and many more.

DXR12  high-power loudspeaker


The DXR12 is an exceptionally high-powered 12-inches loudspeaker that has the ability to produce a maximum SPL of 132 db with a power of 1100W. If you are looking for a speaker hire with superb high-definition and class-leading sound pressure levels, go for our DXR12 speaker. It is compact yet has a diverse functional design, perfectly suited for front-of-house sound, rigged applications, simple amplification and more. The DXR onboard mixer is capable of handling up to three simultaneous inputs, providing you versatility and flexibility so that you are able to connect to different sources from microphones to portable audio devices and even line level instruments.


  • 12” 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker, bass-reflex type
  • High-efficiency 1100W class-D amplifiers
  • Intelligent onboard 3-channel mixer
  • Superior components
  • Unequalled performance
  • 132dB SPL






Rigging Points for Standard Eye-Bolts and Optional U-Brackets


The DX12 speakers from Yamaha are easy to mount as they are equipped with rigging points and U-brackets, enabling rigging in both horizontal and vertical configurations. It also features a dual angle pole mount socket, offering two positions (0 and 7) which helps direct the acoustic energy away from surfaces and on to your audiences instead.



Take your event to the next level by increasing the power and quality of your audio-visual set up. We also have a range of the latest, top quality audio-visual equipment to go along with your speaker hire. If you want to leave your guests impressed with the audio-visual effects of your upcoming event, talk to us today and we will make that happen for you. We are able to deploy to anywhere around the globe within a 24 hours’ time frame regardless of the volume required.

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