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Wireless Links Hire

What are Wireless Links?


Point-to-point wireless links refers to the set up between two locations that are within Line of Site (LOS) of each other to enhance the performance of the wireless network. They are commonly used for networking, telecom, and security applications. For instance, in wireless networking applications, point-to-point wireless Ethernet solution is often used to connect two buildings owned by the same organization that are located across each other.

Radio Links Rental


At Technology Rental, point-to-point wireless links hire can go from a short-range link to a long-range link using radio links rental. Certain factors may affect the distance due to the frequency used, the environmental interference, the power level, and the height of each Ethernet radio device. We have been setting up and supporting wireless links solutions to organizations across the globe for over a decade. Our inhouse network engineers are specialized in doing what they do best, regardless of the infrastructure and location of the buildings.

It is of no surprise that installation of networks for huge festival sites and vast open areas often require point to point wireless links. For events like such that require a temporary site-to-site link, we are able to provide stable and strong connectivity using our industry-leading wireless links solutions. It is also a more cost-effective option as wireless links hire is significantly more affordable than laying fibre or leased line, especially for a temporary usage. For certain sites or areas, running fibre may not even be a suitable option to provide high performance networks for events.

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A Variety of Wireless Transmitter


Technology Rental offers a variety of wireless transmitter of various ranges with zero delay. Whether it is connecting two locations just a few hundred meters apart or tens of miles away from other, we are certain that we can provide a tailor-made solution just for you. If you are looking at radio links rental for a week, a month or longer, we are always happy to discuss your event requirements and offer free consultation if required.

Reach out to us today for all your event technology needs for a stunning digital event experience. We help elevate experience by providing the latest and sleekest cutting-edge technology suitable for all event types. Beyond hardware hire, we also provide software and networking solutions for a one-stop solution for our clients. With 9 offices around the world, we can deliver across all continents in Australia and all the way to the United States of America.

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