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Dell Laptop Rental

Rent Dell Laptops in Australia


With one of the largest inventories of hardware equipment available for rental, Technology Rental offer a wide variety of laptop brands so that you can opt for the one that you are most comfortable with. Dell laptops is one of the many brands that we carry and is a popular option for corporate and business usage. Dell is known for identifying what needs to be fixed and methodically improving on them. They take note even of the most minute details to improve productivity such as downsizing the top and side bezels of the laptop, resulting in a 16:10 display which offers users more space to work on comfortably compared to a usual 16:9 display.

Rent Dell laptops if you are looking for a decent all rounder laptop to use for work application like presentations and spread sheets. We offer Dell laptops for every need, if you are looking for business-orientated laptops, we will definitely recommend the Latitude series as it is compact and rich in features. The Latitude series is reliable and manageable with a sturdy exterior, offering a balance between performance and mobility making it ideal for professionals who are on the go. Its strong performance and long battery life are commendable, along with its durability features as it can operate in extreme temperatures and altitudes. For business professionals, rent Dell laptops as highly confidential and important files or pictures can be securely locked away via Dell Data Production/Encryption. Adding on to its security features, users are also able to create tiers of security authentication to further limit access to the hard drive with the Trusted Platform Module.

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Dell Laptop Rental – G Series


Apart from the Latitude series, we also offer G series which are designed for gaming and Inspiron which are mid-range laptops. Rent Dell laptops from the G series if you are looking at latest Intel processors which offers intuitive and impressive performance for editing, gaming, or working on CPU-intensive projects. The Inspiron series is part of Dell’s consumer-focused lineup and it offers competent business-level performance, making it ideal for basic everyday usage. If you are interested to rent Dell laptops but am unsure of which unit is suitable for you, check with our customer support team today.

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