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Microphone & Wireless Mic Rental

Having wireless microphone for your events are ideal for offering mobility for presenters, trainers, speakers without restricting their movements. It also helps to keep the stages clean, eliminating the sight of annoying cables lying around that may also pose a safety hazard to your attendees. Hire microphones from our range of wireless microphones that boasts various features to suit your event needs, and we understand the importance of microphones that are of quality and reliability.


SENNHEISER EW100 G4-ME2-GB Lapel Mic Rental

Sennheiser has been a leading and renowned brand for microphones and headphones throughout the years. It is no doubt that is one of the most popular and accessible brands in the market. Hire microphones like the Sennheiser EW100 if you are looking for a microphone that keep your hands free during a presentation so that you can focus on putting the message across to your audience. The Sennheiser EW100 G4-ME2 is a rugged, all-in-one wireless lavalier microphone system that is engineered for professional live sound. It features a true diversity half-rack receiver decked in a robust and metallic housing that enables full control with its intuitive LCD display. To ensure a clear and interference-free channel for audio transmission, the receiver features an auto-scan function that searches a broad 46 MHz UHF tuning range with 1840 selectable frequencies available. With a transmission range of up to 300 feet, it enables presenters to walk around freely while delivering their speech. The Sennheiser EW100 is also capable of operating up to 12 wireless microphones simultaneously, ideal for events that have typically numerous presenters.


SENNHEISER XSW 1-835 Wireless Handheld Mic Rental

Hire microphones like the Sennheiser XSW for a great all-around stage microphone for your presenters. It is a simple handheld wireless system that features 1-button scanning and synchronization making set up fast and easy. The Sennheiser XSW is capable of operating up to 10 compatible channels simultaneously with selectable UHF frequencies within a large bandwidth. Designed in a modern and sleek appearance, it is suitable for most events like trainings or classes, or even for outdoor weddings and more. If you are looking for a user-friendly microphone that delivers a warm smooth sound with fantastic feedback rejection and superior SPL handling, this microphone is for you.

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