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Structured Cabling Event Solutions

These includes Ethernet Circuits & Leased Lines, Multi-Site WANs & Project Management. Structured cabling is basically a complete system that incorporates cabling and the associated hardware which in turn provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. Such system can be installed in a building or across a campus for instance, a type of network cabling solution which organizes your infrastructure to accommodate and support any new hardware if needed. Structured cabling event serves a wide range of uses, especially for those events that requires the most stable, high performance circuit for business data, video and voice application whether it be used for MPLS, Internet or site to site access.


Fully scalable bandwidth right up to 10Gb. Uncontended data circuits with industry leading SLAs. Suitable for events demanding the most reliable, high performance circuit needed for business voice, video and data applications whether used for Internet, MPLS or site to site access.


Suitable for any sized event that operates across multiple office locations, has remote workers or is utilising services to the cloud. From next-generation MPLS networks to VPN and point to point circuits, our WAN solutions are designed to provide you with high-speed, secure and ultra-reliable inter-site and internet connectivity.


From design to delivery & deployment of Event Infrastructure. For world class events, OWR Project Management will partner with you from concept to system design and installation to the moment of “go-live” and derig, our solutions and services are underpinned by expert project management every step of the way. After all, providing premium products and systems is only part of the story – how they are delivered, deployed and supported is every bit as crucial.

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Fulfilling Specific Client Event Needs from All Corners Of The Globe.

Structured Cabling Design and Installation is controlled by a set of standards. These standards determine how to lay the cabling in different topologies to meet the requirements of the client. Laying out and designing the structured cabling system can be tricky because factors such as heat, cooling and airflow have to be considered and approached methodically for the best effective results. By utilizing skills of our team of network engineers, clients are backed by detailed planning and on-site consultation to provide a successful and efficient structured cabling process.

Event Networking Cabling at any scale

Event networking cabling is extremely useful for any scale of events that requires operation across numerous office locations, or for remote users that are utilizing services to the cloud. It features a fully scalable bandwidth up to 10GB, equipped with a dedicated Internet connection with industry leading SLAs so that your bandwidth will not reduce or become increasingly slow. Our WAN solutions consists of the next-generation MPLS networks to VPN and point to point circuits, designed to offer the most secure and reliable, yet high-speed inter-site and Internet connectivity.
Our customer support team is reachable 24/7 anytime and any day. If you are looking to install event networking cabling for your upcoming event and require relevant expertise, consult us today for free and we will build a non-obligatory quote for you. We are here to provide a personalized, best suited solutions for each of our clients.

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